Pure Nerdy Fingerless Gloves

I love fingerless gloves, especially when I am working outside on a brisk day. It makes typing all that much easier and more pleasant. So why not make your hands and gloves reflect your geeky world?!

These hand knit fingerless gloves are made using snuggly soft cashmere/merino yarn with the self-explanatory phrase “nerd” on one side hand-embroidered and a cute, glasses-wearing, nerd emoticon in white on the other hand. So practical – you can keep them on when you’re texting, using your laptop or rooting around in your purse for change.

These adorable gloves were made for a geek chic woman, but the lovely lady at MouthyMitts.etsy.com can make any size and just about any chic design you require- in her own sweet words: (‘cos each pair really is made by me, by hand, every little stitch, with love 🙂

See the rest of her fun and adorable hand-knitted items with an emoticon theme at MouthyMitts.etsy.com

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