Top 3 Worst Television Shows of All Time

Television shows have been in the world since the 20th century, with children and adults following each episode and storyline with interest. What makes it better than movies is the fact that it is ongoing and you will get to see characters develop along the way, sometimes with shows lasting as old as ten years old! There are hundreds of television shows that have come and gone, making marks and memories in people’s hearts. With talented actors and actresses, along with screenwriters and directors who make sure that each episode remains interesting and awesome, there’s no wonder why some television shows can last for a long time.

That being said, there is also a few television shows that unfortunately did not make the cut for the audience, usually lasting for less than a few episodes due to a failed storyline or mismatch of characters. From the reviews of popular websites and accredited critics, here are worst television shows of all time:

Top 3 Worst Television Shows

  1. AfterMASH – This was not a success compared to the first one. It was a spinoff to one of the most popular television shows, MASH. The actors decided to end the original show, with only a few deciding to continue with a spinoff, which shouldn’t have existed anymore. It just did not have the appeal it used to compared to when all the actors were complete. And after 11 years, the audience would have also been tired and want to move on to new television shows!
  2. The Brady Bunch Hour – The most boring variety show that includes untalented singing and dancing, most would cringe just watching this. Even the actors themselves didn’t like the show but did it for the airtime! It definitely isn’t worth the watch, unless you would want to suffer through an hour of horrid acting.
  3. The Jerry Springer Show – You would think that this is famous because of the ratings, but there’s a difference between being known for good ratings or a bad show. The only reason why people bother watching it is probably to watch the host’s guests break out into fights, scream profanities, and annoy the heck out of the audience. Sadly, while fake drama continues, this show still goes on.

These are definitely the shows you wouldn’t want to watch! Luckily, there are still a lot of more good shows than bad, but the cons of following television shows are the fact that the schedule can sometimes interfere and you won’t be able to catch up with it. Sometimes, you end up missing an episode and can’t follow the story anymore! You can stream and watch those missed episodes with Showbox. A free app that enables you to stream your favorite television shows in high definition, you won’t need to search through the internet or wait for the reruns again. Try it out yourself and have that marathon you’ve been planning about for so long!

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Water Softeners and Benefits of Using Them

Despite studies showing that hard water does not have any apparent negative health effects on those which makes use of it on a daily basis, other people would want to get rid of the elements which makes the water “hard”, given that it could damage certain materials and cause unsightly deposits on faucets, sinks, and other lavatories as time goes by. Also, it has been found that hard water can damage certain facilities, such as water heaters and reduce their effectiveness.

You can also discover more about places and ancient history, thanks to the thick mineral deposits on ancient conduits, and this is one thing which makes hard water, despite being potentially destructive, and inefficient in cleaning, still fascinating.

Healthy for the Body

For those who want to lengthen the life of their electric heating apparatus, making them faster at doing their job, and for them to be more efficient, the best thing that you can do is to make use of a water softener.

There actually are several kinds of water softeners, but the most common mechanism which is employed by these water softeners include ion exchange. Calcium and Magnesium are positive ions which make water hard. Most water softeners make use of a brine solution, where the positive ions become absorbed, allowing pure, softer water to flow out of faucets and pipes. This is the most popular and most feasible method, but there are other alternatives as well, despite not being too popular, due to the cost and the availability in certain areas.

You know that Fleck is the most popular brand when it comes to water softeners, check this link out which will tell you exactly what you need to know about Fleck water softeners.

Easier to Cleanse Things

This has been of great help to a lot of people, given that hard water makes it difficult for them to cleanse things, as hard water reduces the surfactant ability of soap, making you need to use more.

Hard Water is found across the globe, given that the minerals which make it hard are abundant all throughout. Levels in different areas of a certain country vary, with some parts of Australia, for example, was found to have lower levels of “hardness”, in terms of parts per million, than other parts. The same is true for other countries as well.

Water Softeners (best water softeners reviewed and compared) are indeed, just an optional thing to avail of. Some countries have not had any extensive studies about the hardness or softness of their water, given that they have other concerns to take care of as well, and that they are able to adjust to the water they have, no matter how “hard” it actually is.

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CAT5 Cable Bracelet: A Unique Recycled Item

Looking for that unique recycled item to complete your fall wardrobe? Then check out this braided Cat5 cable bracelet. Made from strands of twisted, authentic recycled CAT5 cables, this bracelet is a colorful accessory for both men and women. Includes the plug end for that truly authentic look. Definitely, makes a statement that you are a true IT networking geek with some style and eco-friendly at that!

It is available for sale on Etsy

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Taking a Closer Look at How Vintage Robots Rock!

Robots were and still are in my geek opinion, one of the coolest toys ever! With their sparkly metal and tin parts, flashing lights, and hand wound mechanisms, vintage robots make up a part of childhood once lost but never forgotten. Now these nostalgic toys from the past are turning up once again all over the place. Parents with fond memories of playing with these toys are in high hopes of enlightening their kids with real imagination and enthusiasm for something 3D rather than just blinking links on an iPhone screen.

The first toy robots emerged after the war in the mid 1940′s. They were friction or clockwork powered and made of stamped steel or tin. The Japanese introduced the classic yellow, Lilliput Tin Robot preceding the Atomic Robot Man which made an appearance at the New York Sci-Fi convention in 1950. Quickly these toys became a big hit with both kids and adults.

Today, vintage robots have made a big comeback and are more popular now than ever with robot designed clothing, bedding, recyclables, and more. If you are still looking to find that perfect vintage robot you or your child can play with and evoke wonderful memories of a past time, then look no further than Amazon or your perhaps if you are lucky- a local toy store.

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Pure Nerdy Fingerless Gloves

I love fingerless gloves, especially when I am working outside on a brisk day. It makes typing all that much easier and more pleasant. So why not make your hands and gloves reflect your geeky world?!

These hand knit fingerless gloves are made using snuggly soft cashmere/merino yarn with the self-explanatory phrase “nerd” on one side hand-embroidered and a cute, glasses-wearing, nerd emoticon in white on the other hand. So practical – you can keep them on when you’re texting, using your laptop or rooting around in your purse for change.

These adorable gloves were made for a geek chic woman, but the lovely lady at can make any size and just about any chic design you require- in her own sweet words: (‘cos each pair really is made by me, by hand, every little stitch, with love 🙂

See the rest of her fun and adorable hand-knitted items with an emoticon theme at

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