Taking a Closer Look at How Vintage Robots Rock!

Robots were and still are in my geek opinion, one of the coolest toys ever! With their sparkly metal and tin parts, flashing lights, and hand wound mechanisms, vintage robots make up a part of childhood once lost but never forgotten. Now these nostalgic toys from the past are turning up once again all over the place. Parents with fond memories of playing with these toys are in high hopes of enlightening their kids with real imagination and enthusiasm for something 3D rather than just blinking links on an iPhone screen.

The first toy robots emerged after the war in the mid 1940′s. They were friction or clockwork powered and made of stamped steel or tin. The Japanese introduced the classic yellow, Lilliput Tin Robot preceding the Atomic Robot Man which made an appearance at the New York Sci-Fi convention in 1950. Quickly these toys became a big hit with both kids and adults.

Today, vintage robots have made a big comeback and are more popular now than ever with robot designed clothing, bedding, recyclables, and more. If you are still looking to find that perfect vintage robot you or your child can play with and evoke wonderful memories of a past time, then look no further than Amazon or your perhaps if you are lucky- a local toy store.

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