Top 3 Worst Television Shows of All Time

Television shows have been in the world since the 20th century, with children and adults following each episode and storyline with interest. What makes it better than movies is the fact that it is ongoing and you will get to see characters develop along the way, sometimes with shows lasting as old as ten years old! There are hundreds of television shows that have come and gone, making marks and memories in people’s hearts. With talented actors and actresses, along with screenwriters and directors who make sure that each episode remains interesting and awesome, there’s no wonder why some television shows can last for a long time.

That being said, there is also a few television shows that unfortunately did not make the cut for the audience, usually lasting for less than a few episodes due to a failed storyline or mismatch of characters. From the reviews of popular websites and accredited critics, here are worst television shows of all time:

Top 3 Worst Television Shows

  1. AfterMASH – This was not a success compared to the first one. It was a spinoff to one of the most popular television shows, MASH. The actors decided to end the original show, with only a few deciding to continue with a spinoff, which shouldn’t have existed anymore. It just did not have the appeal it used to compared to when all the actors were complete. And after 11 years, the audience would have also been tired and want to move on to new television shows!
  2. The Brady Bunch Hour – The most boring variety show that includes untalented singing and dancing, most would cringe just watching this. Even the actors themselves didn’t like the show but did it for the airtime! It definitely isn’t worth the watch, unless you would want to suffer through an hour of horrid acting.
  3. The Jerry Springer Show – You would think that this is famous because of the ratings, but there’s a difference between being known for good ratings or a bad show. The only reason why people bother watching it is probably to watch the host’s guests break out into fights, scream profanities, and annoy the heck out of the audience. Sadly, while fake drama continues, this show still goes on.

These are definitely the shows you wouldn’t want to watch! Luckily, there are still a lot of more good shows than bad, but the cons of following television shows are the fact that the schedule can sometimes interfere and you won’t be able to catch up with it. Sometimes, you end up missing an episode and can’t follow the story anymore! You can stream and watch those missed episodes with Showbox. A free app that enables you to stream your favorite television shows in high definition, you won’t need to search through the internet or wait for the reruns again. Try it out yourself and have that marathon you’ve been planning about for so long!

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